Lived in New York for 31 years. Recently moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn for an extended project. The experience may help others who have to do the same adjust to this completely different environment.
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March 10, 2005 by Franco Mazzaro
First off, I¡¦m aware that it¡¦s a ridiculous comparison in the sense that its obvious that if you take seriously the teachings of Jesus as revealed through the Gospels, then the answer is both of them. But for those people who are blind but are willing to take a chance and look closely at the comparison, please read on:

„h Thy Shall Not Kill. Bin Laden is obvious on this one. Bush actually put a ¡§hit¡¨ on Saddam. Under Bush, Texas has executed quite a number of people. Under Bush, poli...
February 13, 2004 by Franco Mazzaro
In this essay, I propose to demonstrate how a light rail system can benefit Los Angeles in social, intellectual, and environmental ways. Though I won’t go into a discussion about it, I believe that these will all have positive implications to the economy as well, thus offsetting any argument about the cost of such a large-scale municipal project.

Los Angeles could easily become a more livable city if they would only invest in a light rail system that could move people around this giant subur...
January 6, 2004 by Franco Mazzaro
This is CHAPTER 2 of this handbook for people who need help adjusting the to culture shock that results from moving from Brooklyn, NY to Los Angeles. (Or, for people who can help me!)

I hate to resort to driving stories, but they’re just too much out here. I figured there was going to be an issue about driving in this so-called city when an eight lane highway is not wide enough to absorb the traffic.

There aren’t too many people who drive in Brooklyn. There’s really no need for it. A...
December 28, 2003 by Franco Mazzaro
This was written in response to an e-mail I got saying, “What’s up, Hollywood Frank?” from a regular at Tavern on Dean in Prospect Height, Brooklyn on December 10th. He send that on the right day. This was my response:

You know I've been to other cities and countries before. I'm aware that other cultures exist in this world. Some of them actually flourish. I came here not only armed with this information, but with a promise to myself that I would try to understand it and accept it, or at...
December 28, 2003 by Franco Mazzaro
Hey,I came here with an open mind. I ended up opening a can of worms. I’m here in Los Angels for an unspecified amount of time. Looking forward to getting back to 18th Avenue. In the meantime, my man Bleu Lou from Jane Street in the Village told me to start “blogging” the e-mails I was sending to him on the net, maybe someone out there could use this info, or better yet, read it and offer me some advice as to how to cope living with people that use the word “flaked” as a verb and excuse for ...